National Poetry Month Performances and "Human Conditions" on iTunes and Spotify 

Hey Everyone,

My new album, "Human Conditions," is now available on iTunesAmazon, and Spotify! Go check it out if you get the chance!

And if you live in the Fayetteville area, I will be performing solo at Kingfish next Friday, opening for War Cheif from Little Rock, AR. You can get a preview of their music here:

As part of National Poetry Month, I'll also be speaking at the Fayetteville Public Library Wed, April 23rd for the Lyric Songwriting Panel Discussion along with Shawn James and Barret Baber. It will be mediated by Kyle Kellams at KUAF. It's free, and there's no registration required. Here's a link to the event:

Also in celebration of National Poetry Month, I will be performing at Last Saturday at the Fayetteville Underground on April 26th. There will be a variety show of sorts with poets, and singer-songwriter, Randall Shreve. The show starts at 7:30pm.  


"Human Conditions" now available for download! 

Dear Friends,

I realize it has been a while since some of you have purchased my new album. After all of the album expenses, I'm short on funds for postage. I've put "Human Conditions" on my bandcamp page so that you can download the album for free in the mean time by entering $0 in the "name your own price" section If you haven't purchased the album, and would just like a digital download, feel free to name your own price! ("The Gate" is up for download as well). "Human Conditions" will be available on itunes soon :)

Candy Lee

New Candy Lee Music Video- Beautiful Day 

Please enjoy the new music video for my song, "Beautiful Day," off my new album "Human Conditions," available for purchase at Video production by Imagine Film Company. Special thanks to Phat Tire in Fayetteville, AR for loaning us their hauler bike for our camera man to ride on (two men on one bike= sweet bike footage). 

I've also got a show at Wasabi tonight. So, if you want to chill out and listen to some sweet tunes while eating delicious sushi, I'll have my albums for sale there too :) Hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday!!!

One Down, One To Go! 

Last night's CD Release Party at George's was so much fun! I absolutely loved both of the bands who opened for us. Both Handmade Moments and John Henry & Friends put on an amazing show!

The 2nd CD Release Party will take place at Greenhouse Grille this Sunday, March 30th, at 5pm. It's an all ages show. $5 at the door. Party down with Candy Lee and the Sweets and come pick up your copy of "Human Conditions," along with new t-shirts and stickers!

While you're waiting for the party, check out this article on the album in the Free Weekly: ​

New Album, New Everything! 

Hey y'all,I finally, after a year of hard work, have finished my new album, "Human Conditions." I am so excited for this album! It features some ofFayetteville's most talented musicians, 13 songs, and a bonus track. The hard copy will also feature some beautiful artwork by Brandon Bullette.

It will be available on itunes soon, but not before the CD Release Party! There will also be new T-shirts, new stickers, and of course, this new website!

There will be 2 CD Release parties in Fayetteville, AR: 
March 27th- George's Majestic Lounge, late night show with openers Handmade Moments, and John Henry and Friends
March 30th- Greenhouse Grille, family friendly show starting at 5pm

I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who has helped me fund this album:

Art Amiss- for their generous grant that went towards the pressing and packaging

And all of my Indiegogo fundraiser supporters:

Lyndsey Kelly, Doug Shields, Leah Garrett, Adam Campbell, Anna Horton, Brick Fields, Brooke and Paul Boatright, Bruce Allen, Clay Carver, Holly Attaway, Jessica Gallegos, Lauren Hawkins, Matt Miller, Sid Simons, Terrah Baker, Val Gonzalez, andi-K heart, Austin Bray, Jacob Phaneuf, Robin 
Mero, Roby Pantall, Tommy Green, Adara Gavin, Ashley and Rio, Bryce Widom, Charmain Slave, Dane Olsen, Jocelyn Michaud, Jonathan Kestler, Julian McConnel, Krista Aalto, Leah Selman, Patty Yancey, Phillip Ray Baker, Tressa Tiner, David Gould, Beth and Rick Stockdell, Big Bad Gina, Dan Dean, Darla Newman, Guy Ames, Jerrmy Gawthrop, Melinda Jones, Nan Yarnell, Arbor and Rebecca Buchanan, Shannon Hogrefe, Tammy Anderson Parker, Candy Asbury, Colleen Houston, George, Carenzo, Gordon Frazer Wulff, Heather Flowers, Katherine Abolt, Samantha Solley, Rissa Wolf, Sheldon Clark, Steve Collins, Dana Idlet, Jacob David George, Jacob White, Paulena Scanlon, Randy Dixon, Keegen Losleben, Andrew Baker, Debbie Graley-Devnew, Jerry Oliver, Jim and Jo Ann Wardein, Ray Junk, Sweet Olive Farm, Tom Black, Mark Olsen