Another Year Older, But Another Year Wiser Too 

Candy Lee and the Sweets perform tonight for the Fayetteville Roots Festival at the Kingfish Stage at 9pm. You can get tickets at the door. Come check out the full band! There are plenty of other amazing bands playing tonight also. Here's the full Roots Festival line up:!schedule/c1uem

I just turned 30 yesterday, and had to write a little blog post about it. This one's personal: Another Year Older, But Another Year Wiser Too!

New Blog and VERY Exciting Upcoming Shows 

There's a new HARD CANDY blog post up. It's on the booking and social networking process. Check it out here: 

I've got some very exciting shows coming up over the next 2 weeks also. The two I'm most excited about are: This Saturday, 8/16- Sisters Sweet open up for Ben Miller Band @ Kitchen Pass in Joplin, MO. I'm also very excited about the Sisters Sweet show next Tuesday, 8/19. My friend, Austin Miller, is on tour from Orlando and we will be putting on a chill, acoustic show @ Maxine's in Fayetteville!

Concert Window, Photo Shoot, and Upcoming Tour 

I did my first Concert Window streaming web concert last Saturday. It was a very new and interesting experience. It was weird not being able to hear or see the people I was performing for. But the cool thing about Concert Window is that the viewers can type comments and communicate that way. I just had a small audience, but I learned a lot! I need to do more preparation all around! I'll be doing a lot more promotion for my next one, I'll do a more extensive soundcheck, and maybe do it on a night when people are more likely to be in their homes, instead of a Saturday, which is prime time to go out. We shall see. It was a fun experience. Those who tuned in gave positive feedback and enjoyed it.

I had my first folk music themed photo shoot yesterday with the great Jeremy Scott, whose amazing band photos have earned him national recognition. His photo of Willie Nelson in action was used as the front cover of Willie Nelson's 2014 Official Calendar. His photo of Les Claypool's Duo de Twang was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine! So, I am very honored to have had him taking my photos, and very grateful that he directed me in what to do during the shoot, as I have NO previous modeling experience. Here's one of my favorites from the shoot, as well as what is now the cover photo for my website:

I'm still planning out my tours for October and November. They're just short, 2-week tours. If you have any friends/family, know bands, know venue owners, etc. in the following cities, please reach out to me as I'm still trying to book those areas:

Asheville, NC
Raleigh or Charlotte area, NC
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
New Orleans, LA

Stay tuned to my show calendar for tour dates!

Lots of Shows This Weekend!...And a New Blog Post!!! 


There is sooo much Candy Lee action going on this weekend, there's something for everyone! 

Tonight, Friday, July 18th: Candy Lee and the Sweets open for National Park RadioGeorge's Majestic Lounge. We start at 9 and only play for about an hour, so come out early. Bring your dancing shoes, grab a beer, and get your groove on!

Saturday, July 19th: Kid Friendly, Kid Centered, Firefly Fling @ the Botanical Gardens. There will be music, story-telling, fire dancers, and other entertaining performers. Candy Lee and the Sisters Sweet perform!

Sunday, July 10th- 2 shows!!
Fayetteville Public Library, 2pm- listening room experience with the full band.
-324 Ballroom @ Jose's on Dickson Street- solo performance


I was asked to do a blog post about my recording process, so I did! You can read the blog, complete with a video of my Cover of Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic," which shows my layering recording process here: 
Hard Candy: Recording is a Process

Kody Ford, Founder and Editor of The Idle Class Magazine, suggested that I change the name of my Blog to "Hard Candy." I thought this was genius, so I took the suggestion. Both my daily Truth Posts and my Honesty Blogs will now be under the name "Hard Candy." It will be an easier name to say and remember, and it will put a "brand" on my posts. "Hard Candy" is a good representation of what my posts are generally like- a mixture of sweetness with (what I perceive to be) cold hard truth! This is not to be confused with "candy-coated" or "sugar coated," which means to "minimize the unpleasantness of," which is not at all what I intend to do.

Hard Candy" is more a representation of a concept I'm big on- dualism, and the realization that life is filled with dualities that are integral parts of the greater whole. Life is full of positive and negative experiences. Without the negative experiences, the positive wouldn't seem so good. It is important to take the negative experiences in our lives, and turn them into something positive; if nothing else, to treat them as a learning experience, or a chance to really appreciate and cherish the positive. Life is about finding the balance between these dualities, which is something I try to embody in my songs, and now in my "Hard Candy" posts as well.

If you don't get a chance to view the full blog, just check out the video!



Candy Lee and the Sweets are playing the Early Arrival Party at Harvest Fest this year, Wednesday, October 15 from 9:15 - 10:30 PM @ The Roost Stage!