The Happenings:

Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival
We are very excited to be playing the 3rd Annual Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival close to Jasper, AR this year!  The event is held May 28-29.  We will be playing this Saturday from 6-8pm.  For tickets and more information about the event you can visit their website at : Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival

The Future

We will be playing the lovely Kingfish patio Thursday June 2nd from 8:30-11:30pm!  Come enjoy a lovely Summer's night and great drinks with us while we serenade you.  :)  

Past News:

6th Annual Block Street Block Party
We are very excited to be playing the 6th Annual Block Street Block Party in Fayetteville, AR this Sunday May 22!  This event is free and family friendly with lots of different things to see and do and multiple stages for music lovers of every genre.  We will be playing from 12:30-1:15pm on the Maxine's Stage.  A full lineup can be seen below for the live music.  For more information on the event  you can visit their facebook event page at:  Block St. Block Party Event Page


Block St. Block Party Lineup


The Sisters Sweet, The Silvershakers, and Voxana share the stage at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR, for a female-power charged show. $5 @ the door.

Name Change

After much deliberation, Emily and I (Candy Lee), have decided to drop the band name "The Sisters Sweet." It created too much confusion, as we were still being associated with previous incarnations of the band, and people seemed to be really upset by the fact that Emily and I are not really sisters. Thus, we have decided to take on the name "Melody Pond." This is a Doctor Who reference, if you're a fan of the show. If not, we don't want to nerd you out, and we'll just say that it's a beautiful name and we hope it invokes the same kind of imagery we create with our sound. Thanks for following my journey, from solo artist, to band, to duo, to other-named duo. We're excited about this new name, this new chapter on our musical journey, and the ability to perform with other musicians if needed, without any confusion as to, "Hey, if you're The Sisters Sweet, who's that dude playing music with you?" So, if you have liked The Sisters Sweet on social media, we're transferring everything over to Melody Pond, and are hoping you don't have to go scouting for our social media pages.